by Edward Jesse Capobianco

listen to my voice. listen
to the sound of my voice.
I am going to count to ten.                                                                     
listen to my voice—the sound.

you find yourself walking.
you are walking on a night
road. you are footstepping.                                          
you are footstepwalking.

there is no wind and
there is no wind and the trees
are still. you are walking on a
night road.

you are walking alone
footstepwalking on dark
pavement, alone
on a dark two lane road.

you look, feet to stars,
as you walk footstepfootstep
there are no streetlights over you.
there are streetlights far ahead.

now you find yourself melting
into smoke. listen to me. you
fade through the blackbeetlemetal
of a rushing car. of the front of a car.

now you are solid and your
knees bend. your knees are
solid and bending. you find yourself
seated in a rushing car.

your feet fly over street.
your feet are on pedals,
on carpet, on metal, on

the wind burns your wet
teeth. the roadthroughtrees
wind burning. your wet teeth
hit. a dark wind from driving

far ahead and forever
ahead lights go out. streetlights
go out blinkout out and other lights
one by one manybymany darkening.

huge black pines start sprouting up
around you, everywhere, roots splitting road,
your feet still. trees covering the earth
at the speed of lightsblinkout.

trees on your arm sprouting out skin brush
them off trees through the speeding car floor
look left a massive pine black lightless
in the passenger seat staring

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