from Seasons [Summer]

by Delphine Sky

Composed after sundown.

A wavering call,
            the Loon announces itself – on
Lake Superior,
            mates at the edge of water, builds a
            nest of reeds and grass.

The Loon’s haunting wail,
             echoes in the Summer sky glinting
off the lake —
             awake in this forest tent,
             still breath listening to the night.

Eyes, red as the sun
            on Lake
Kabetogama, wail across
still reeds —
            a pair of fog horns calling
            Summer to the Northern

Diving off the rocks,
            our heavy bodies sank
deep into the lake’s mouth —
            we hoot and holler for
            game, too far to hear
            parents call.
            pillaging to fatten up
            on their way to somewhere else.
The boys on Cape Cod
            dig frogs out of mudflats, like the
Least Sandpiper
Every summer they
            migrate to sandy beaches
— rainbow umbrellas

            crowd the shore and eat
            corndogs; sky a burst with

Red, white and blue stripes —
July’s flag waves in the wind.
Flocks of visitors campout
to toast bonfire marshmallows, while
dogs bark at the shorebirds.

Adolescent boys,
            green as the Sandpiper’s
legs — rich trills and high notes,
            their fluffed chests of bravado
            strut past sunbathing bikinis.

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