YALDA's First Author's Chapbook Launch Reading & Celebration

Join us for an afternoon of readings and celebrations by YALDA's first author group: Lulu Priddy, Missy Mazzoli, Hosted by Farnoosh Fathi.

After a year of hard work and whole-hearted effort, our first four authors have created four brilliant collections and come to NYC for YALDA's inaugural program: to learn letterpress methods from Ugly Duckling to print and bind their chapbooks; to participate in workshops and seminars on poetics and publishing as young women authors at Poets House; and to share their chapbooks with you. For the program's culminating event at Poets House, each author will read from her debut chapbook, special musical guests will perform.

YALDA stands for the Young Artists Language & Devotion Alliance and provides young women authors, ages 12-19, with the guidance, support and readership they need to develop and share their work. Led by the poet Farnoosh Fathi, YALDA believes that some of our country's most exciting artists are women under the age of 18. Not only can they innovate in literature but their active presence in the conversation can also enrich the cultures of literary education and publishing. To create that platform of support, in a spirit of friendship and dedication--that's YALDA's mission.