Rooftop Films Presents: Romeo Is Bleeding

This Saturday, Rooftop Films will screen the spoken word, non-fiction documentary Romeo Is Bleeding.

Synopsis: Like a modern day Verona, Richmond, CA stands divided between two warring factions. Instead of Capulets and Montagues, the feud exists between North and Central Richmond. Amongst the tension stands a young poet named Donté Clark . Armed with passion and intellect he survives the madness of the cities’ violence and revenge (all over dispute few can remember) with words. Inspired by Shakespeare and encouraged by his mentor and counterparts at RAW (Richmond Artists With) Talent, Donté adapts Romeo and Juliet for the modern day strife around him. Using hip-hop metaphors, Donté and his collaborators dismantle the prevailing turmoil with the art of spoken word. Even if only performed once for the community, the artistry and action of RAW Talent and Donté in the film will inspire long after the curtain has fallen.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Jason Zeldes and subject Donté Clark, as well as an after party sponsored by New Amsterdam Vodka.

For tickets and more information, visit We hope to see you there!