Public Poetry’s 5th Anniversary

To Celebrate Public Poetry’s 5th Anniversary, there will be a series of Reunion Readings in April, May and June by poets who have been featured in the library reading series during the past 60 months.  In addition to the featured poets for the 2016 Spring Series, a slate of Public Poetry alumni will each read a short poem.  It will be epic!

The featured poets for Saturday, May 7 are Emmy Pérez, Conor Bracken, Emily Bludworth de Barrios and Brandon Lampson.
The reunion poets for May are Cindy Huyser, Ericajo Brown, Roberto Tejada, Eleanor Boudreau, Christa Forster, Syble Estes, Loueva Smith, Kurt Heinzelman, Kenan Ince, DE Zuccone, Kay Cosgrove, Ronnie Yates and Carol Munn.