Present Minds, New Poetry

San Francisco musicians Sarah Elena Palmer and Jason Hoopes invite you to a reading of their original poetry and other creative writing on Saturday, August 5th, at Adobe Books in SF. Joining Sarah and Jason will be fellow bay area writers Nora Toomey, Alicia Franco, Colin Partch, and Brett Carson.
This evening marks a public reading debut for Sarah and Jason (reading as SEP and Rachtious Palmer respectively) as poets. SEP uses ethereal language to play out her inner controversies; irreverent and hallowing, she swings through her moods, seeking neutrality in her observations. Her rhythmic song-like delivery balances the more severe and confrontational style of Rachtious Palmer, who is concerned with stern angle, strict conservative imagery, quietly sharpened thought knives and a lean predatory hunt for relentless truth. Together with Toomey, Franco, Partch, and Carson, this evening of poetic spoken word promises electricity and blood, illumination, off-kilter snickers, and MUCH reprieve from the modern disease of homogonized communication.