Poetry Writing

Local poet Polly Brown will lead a poetry writing workshop at the Hopkinton Public Library. The writing of poetry is both playful and serious: a way of using language to sneak up on what you know about the world and yourself in it—and then give that away, adding to what the world knows about itself. We’ll try out some strategies for getting started, and some ways of getting and giving support. You’ll walk away with rough drafts and new ideas. Everyone is welcome—feel free to join us even if you’ve never tried poetry writing before.

Polly Brown has won awards from the Worcester County Poetry Society and the Massachusetts Artists’ Foundation, but she’s most proud of her long association with Every Other Thursday Poets, and she treasures a long history of giving other poets a boost towards expression, revision, and publication. Recent poems can be found online in the Fall 2014 issue of Turtle Island Quarterly, and in Turning Again to the Well, a chapbook of poems inspired by sculptures focused on preservation and sustainability.