Elsbeth Pancrazi Book Launch & Reading

Join Tavern Books for the launch of Elsbeth Pancrazi's debut poetry collection, FULL BODY PLEASURE SUIT, selected through the 2016 Wrolstad Contemporary Poetry Series. Free and open to the public, with drinks, snacks & poems!

Praise from Dara Wier:
“Pancrazi focuses our attention on what we live: one another, love, fear, desire, always with a fiercely complex questioning of our senses. Her language is exquisite & her mind takes us through exactly who we are & what we are doing here. This book is out of this world.”

Praise from Dorothea Lasky:
"FULL BODY PLEASURE SUIT is a knockout book. The poems maximize the performance of being, falling into the liminal spaces between reality and soft reality, between the worlds in the misty dream landscape and the brutal truth of day in full light. The book includes so many delights for the sensual mind, like ‘a ten-bread grilled cheese / shingled like a mermaid’s fin,’ ‘Cicadas at plague volume,’ ‘prosperity carved and constructed of mango,’ and ‘lipstick vanilla pudding concrete.’ All of these gorgeous and magnificent moments are filtered through an ever-charismatic I, one who both watches and has invented ‘The Magical Thinking Channel.’ I love this book of important poems and I know you will, too.”

About the Book:
Elsbeth Pancrazi’s FULL BODY PLEASURE SUIT illustrates just how difficult it is to discern what world we live in and whose body we inhabit. Two people in the near-future surrounded by bots, drones, and everpresent screens try to make sense of their relationship. Poems cross over from the real into imaginary realms of gaming, from ideas of perfection into the actual world of trees, hospitals, and french fries. Pancrazi’s work wonders where you turn for love and understanding when the only authority, aside from "our shared moon," is the cable guide.

About the Author:
Elsbeth Pancrazi studied poetry at Vassar College and New York University. She has been recognized as a Poets House Fellow and an artist-in-residence at Caldera Arts in Sisters, Oregon. Her writing has appeared in A Public Space; Best New Poets 2013, BOMBlog, Forklift, Ohio; H_ngm_n, and Sixth Finch. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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