"Ekphrasis: Art & Words" Opening Reception and Poetry Reading

Gallery U in Westfield, NJ, is pleased to celebrate the 20th anniversary of National Poetry Month by highlighting the power of words and the connection to visual arts through the exhibition Ekphrasis. For as far back as the times of Plato, writers have been inspired by art to create poetry true to the form of the original work, yet adding their unique poetic perspective. Ekphrasis: Art & Words is taking the model one step further by not just engaging existing artwork to inspire poetry, but by also using existing poetry to inspire artwork.

Ekphrasis: Art & Words consist of an exhibition of art and poetry— side-by-side — that includes local artists and poets inspiring one another’s art. Existing poetry was collected by invited poets and artwork was curated by various artists throughout New Jersey. Artists and poets were given the opportunity to choose one of the selected poems or pieces of art that spoke to them and to create a new piece of art—be it a visual art or poem—based on the original inspiration. The challenge will be in determining which came first.

Participating poets include Michelle Greco, Gwynneth Green, Patrick Hammer, Jr.,  Robert P. Langdon, John J. Trause, and Gregory Young. Participating artists include Luis Alves, Francesca Azzara, Laura Brown, Virginia Carroll, Jada Fabrizio, Lori Pazos Falango, James Green, Kathleen Heron, Monika Jakober, Robert MacCollum, Ellen Martin, Deneise Hyatt-Murad, Amy Puccio, Erica Resnick, Doug Rudnik, Karin Lowney-Seed, Lou Storey, Nanci France-Vaz, and Gail Winbury. An expanded collection of the poetry of Gwynneth Green, along with the artwork that inspired them, will be featured as part of Gallery U’s “Art In the Boutique” series.

A preview of Gallery U’s Ekphrasis exhibit will be part of the Montclair Art Museum’s Free First Thursday Night on April 7, 2016, from 5-7 PM with a poetry reading at 6 PM. An opening reception, where you can experience the complete Ekphrasis experience, will be held at Gallery U the following evening, Friday, April 8, 2016, from 6-8 PM with a poetry reading scheduled at 7 PM. All are welcome. Artwork and poetry will be on exhibit through May 2, 2016. Ekphrasis: Art & Words was crafted by Robert P. Langdon. Gallery U is located at 439 South Avenue West in Westfield, NJ.