Censorship and the Beats; a conversation with Maryrose Carroll

Beats Me. Love, Poetry, Censorship from Chicago to Appalachia, is a five star rated book.by Maryrose Carroll.  She writes on the last year of Paul Carroll's life as he shares his writing, his successful fight against censorship, and his stamina in fighting cancer.

"This is a wonderful book.  It's a fascinating account of some of the most vibrant, stormy, and controversial times in American literature.  In fact, for any student of twentieth-century poetry it's downright mesmerizing."-Joseph Bathanti, Seventh Poet Laureate, NC

"Insight into not only the end of censorship in literature, but about bravery in the face of an intolerant and threatening Government during the McCarthy witch hunts.  It is also a lesson on love and facing death with dignity.  Simply a great book."-Earl Leclaire, poet