Anthony Molino

Anthony Molino, translator, anthropologist, and psychoanalyst, was born in 1957. In 2018, he received the Raiziss/de Palchi Book Prize for his translation of The Diary of Kaspar Hauser by Paolo Febbraro (Negative Capability Press, 2017). In 1997 he received the first Raiziss/de Palchi Translation Fellowship to enable him to complete his translation of Valerio Magrelli's Esercizi di tipologia (The Contagion of Matter, Holmes & Meier, 2000). 

His other books of translation include Echoes of Memory: Selected Poems of Lucio Mariani (Wesleyan University Press, 2003), Antonio Porta's Melusine: A Ballad and a Diary (1992) and Kisses from Another Dream (1987), as well as Nearsights: Selected Poems of Valerio Magrelli (1991). Molino has also translated a number of Italian plays, including Eduardo De Filippo's Natale in Casa Cupiello (The Nativity Scene) and Manlio Santanelli's Emergency Exit.

Molino is the editor of The Couch and the Tree : Dialogues Between Psychoanalysis and Buddhism (North Point Press, 1998). He has received awards from the Fulbright Foundation, the American Academy in Rome, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and the National Theater Translation Fund. Molino lives in Italy.