flaming hot cheetos on the outskirt of dimensions

by Angelo Maneage

    there was this plane    right    where we were
in it    was this thing coming
    from the back     maybe
it was all around me    fire
    was what caught me   some number of jets
were on the ground     from the air
    there was    no need for any masks
but we used them anyway    so no one could    if they had to
    find anybody underneath    all these birds
or maybe    super men would
    spin around    the front
of the cabin    we were staying in
    this place    we took the big trip    to box
some    cases full    of blues
    spinning on the outside of the box
there was this paper    on fire
    the plane we were in    it was
on the ground like us    as babies
    blue and blowing    up in the sky
in the breeze    were parts all over the place
    the blue covered up    all the black blood
from the plane    we watched bats watch
    like what we did was super    men
all watched from the ground    underneath
    was this northern light    all around me
coming from the ground    we were crouched on
    the blue air was black    it was hard to see how
to get out    of control is by me    still
    born to fly around    booms are loud
in the cabin    maybe    there was fire