by Natalie Risser
A lanky boy in a long lavender coat stood along the shore of Lake Michigan with his father, eating one sunflower seed then tossing the next into the unwavering water. His lavender coat reflected a lavender personality and if you asked the father to describe his least favorite thing about the son, he would ramble about 'his stupid lavender sexuality'. Even in winter, his father would carry on about marigold girls and how they could make any type of boy happy. But as the boy observed, the sand never shifted with seeds that land on top of the water. Even in summer, the father would say “Look, these carnation girls are so funny!” But as any lavender boy knew, a bird would catch the seed before it would sink to the bottom. Since it was the father’s turn to have the seeds, the boy passed the bag and walked towards the parking lot, where a long line of porta-potties stood. After the father put several seeds into his mouth, he threw the next. But before thinking of chewing, and with a jolt of his arm going forward, the seeds thrust to the back of his throat. The boy could hear his father gagging and coughing, for he wasn’t too far away. But as he felt his lavender bowels acting up, he decided to take his time and finish. After a few more minutes in the bathroom, the boy walked back to the shore where his father lay collapsed, turning a shade of purple. If you asked the father then what his favorite thing about the son was, he would ramble about nothing.