I Am Forgotten

by Sierra Rogers
I have forgotten my name
underneath the dirt of my fingernails
somewhere buried between the whip and the gun
cluttered amongst the wounds and the scars
lost inside the commands and the instructions
I have forgotten my age
drowning deep in the sea of “worthless” and “pathetic”
smoldered under the flames of “dark skin” and “negro”
choking on the lies of my heritage and culture
blinded by the whitewashing of my language and people
I have forgotten my family
sinking in the pit of auctions and free giveaways
masked by rape and abuse
sheltered under false pretenses of freedom and sacrifice
I have forgotten my worth
beaten out of my body until I was spitting up blood and weakness
strangled from my lungs until I could only breathe in chains and cuffs
lynched through my bones until I grew on hate and resentment
starved by a howling wolf that only cried when the full moon reflected bloody hands
I am forgotten