The Rice of Sack

by Yeonwoo Koo

A whole community of Rice lived in Sack.
Population: too many.
But they were very happy to live in Sack.
Every day the sky was warm, a comforting brown.
They lived so close to each other too.
Sometimes it was hard to tell whose kids where whose.
Even one’s milky white became intermixed with another’s chalky white.
It was the spirit of woori.
They all lived happily in Sack.
But they dreaded one particular time of day.
The day when the sky OPENED.
A CUP descended down and randomly took some Rice of Sack.
Families were torn. Children were lost.
Very rarely, the CUP would return a few grains of Rice
But it was only on those lucky days.
The population of Sack began to dwindle.
Until the Rice inhabitants could be counted.
Once there was a community of Rice in Sack.