in Los Angeles my twin and I read one-star reviews of CERN

by Megan Lowey
some eventual evening when I saw
the Pacific Ocean for the 1st time and
it instilled nothing like fear in me.
Shannon’s house was full of ants so we got an airbnb.
its owners kept a world map where evil is among 
this facility guests are picking thru their home
cities w/ red thumbtacks Shiva destroys the earth
I’m from Richmond now on planet Earth
& she’s from Pasadena, I’m recognizing the breadth
of our respective peregrinations, yes we are
identical twins it’s gonna turn us
inside out but even I don’t know how  
she gets by w/ 30 functional hours a day 666 
in that logo is captivating you’d think
that would invite problems into the space-
time continuum. to position beings of the same DNA
among such different lines this machine
is darkening our souls she teaches me a new word:
regolith. it’s the material covering solid rock
on planets and satellites; from Greek rhegos ‘blanket’ 
+ lithos ‘stone’ so a stone blanket planning to open 
demonic portals the intentional sun sets over the 
water & I have absorbed a grid of feelings from across
the continent telekinetically. the pier stands dense 
under the weight of them I’m so scared the world
is going to end / I’m starting to see 
space creatures flying around now