Dark Movement 

by Cameron Beisel

What gave them a reason to dance?
Trapped in days seemingly longer
than twenty four hours, spending
the time leftover to catch their breath.
Slave to the heat, the sun and Simon.
Cruelty for breakfast, then leftover shame
to fill up with in the fast five minute break
between drudgery and hell without salary.
They did not choose to live a life without joy,
it was ripped away without any question.
Though the Earth they could not roam,
movement of their bodies they still controlled.
So by day they slaved away, they sang
but pain ensued when they raised their voice.
They had to move a certain way under
the watchful eye that commanded them.
But oh, how beautiful the movement was
once free from the oppressive stare.
The limbs moved here to there
while ensnared in the rhythm of happiness.
They only found joy when empty hands
met empty plans; a symphony
of colored man who understands
the true meaning of joy in life-
Doing what you want.
When you want.
So they took every brief chance
to embrace that song and dance.
For when the sun came
back up in the morning,
they resumed their dance
for the white man.