Big Brother

by KMart

It's when you grow up like a stranger
to every eye you look into
you wonder if they are
any relation, did I
meet you here at this time before
I have my place on the broken sofa
watching Looney Tunes, Pepe Le Pew
chasing Penelope, switching to Pee Wee
and Phil getting high, I know what
the mermaid is missing
Mom's never home, I'm the
latch key kid with no latch
and clueless without a key, so he opens
the door, standing six-feet-two with
navy black boots, claiming he's
related, to me
I never knew I had a brother
Nobody stepped up to the position
but I took his word and followed him
out the door, out on the vacant road
he says, "race me to the DEAD END"
I almost lose, when a jolt of sudden speed
allows me to win
he says, "don't think I let you."

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