Ode to my Thighs

by Corinne Santiago

for t.s.

I mistreat you
Your preciousness
All too often unnoticed
For all the places you've carried me
The area your mass covers is shamed
The absence of the gap between
The chub rub we suffer

Yes, I put chub rub in a poem.

You never look the same twice
"Subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin"
Transforming as I turn
The mirror, my friend and doe
I pick and pull
You melt to cover more area when we sit
Little spots and hairs
Ashy from neglect
And yet, you still carry me

I speak of the beauty in uniqueness aloud
And silently despise you
And then I silently apologize
I must practice what I preach

Someone would gladly live and die
Between your thickness
You are adored and worshipped
But condemned by your keeper

I despise you
And I apologize.
For the strength you demonstrate is worthy
Of appreciation at the very least
And I am capable
We are capable
Of carrying each other
With love.

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