by Mary Wilson


It has a good, sonic flavor. An ending
to hostilities. The blue eye a visual
pun on state secrets, or does it [blink]
rather reveal them?
When does a waterfall stop being a river
and therefore win?
In the language of praise, a toast
can be had, made, or simply toasted.
The news can be read or not, but not
unread. Which is worse for us.
In the longish summer.
In the longish summer
that's how we got by.
Lighthouse to the low
water kayak punting. I’m
pretty sure of it.
Proximity long hindered
and the shortly vanished of it.
Could anything be
that funny and staccato
at the same time?
Cloud cover rolls in to distinguish
femmes from the other
varieties, but scarcely. How to get
experience without the job.
And the miles I took from your page
of books marked "return to sender."
Someone else might have.

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