Little Man

by Malcolm Fox

They say dreaming is for kids. 
Well, this kid is awake. 
So lost in the life that he didn’t even make.
In reality 
he wants to be great 
but can’t ignore all the obstacles 
in his way. See 
he is 17 and doesn’t have a home.
At 15 his sister took a gun to her dome.
Parents so hooked on dope, 
little man always been alone. 
No family and no help, 
might as well just end it here –
But little man rose up,
became the man he never had in life.
Now 27 with a beautiful wife, 
up on his feet, 2 kids, 
Little Man is living good, 
See Little Man never quit and 
got out the hood.
The moral: don’t lose hope and 
everything will be all good.