Alis Propriis Volat (She Flies with Her Own Wings)

by Tyler Walker
She is the work of art so easily overlooked
When you scratch the surface, yes, there are things about her so arousing
But deeper there is something more
There is a light in those deep brown eyes that speaks to me in a foreign language
She is cold, her breath a florescent air of color. She is my winter. The cool breeze that speaks
only harsh truth and invites warmth in your heart, like no other season.
Her walk is of a flower field, dancing through the wind, petals fall, stems break, but still she is
the picture of grace.
I could not describe my masterpiece as something hanging on a wall, she is living, and forever
Yet, I still find anger in my heart. Never towards her, but to the people that behold her. If I could
keep her all to myself it would be a shame. To lock such a treasure away would be selfish, I
guess that is another sin I must atone for.
She is not your token, your labelled piece to use as you see fit, she is movement.
Through time and space, through storms and calm, she is forever moving as majestic. To numb
her would be taking away her very essence. She is why the caged bird sings and the drive for a
butterfly to flap its wings. Why would you take that away from her? To look at her as if she were
your play thing? Through the eyes of someone who sees art and has no idea what it means, is
better appreciated, than someone who knows the meaning. If there could be an embodiment of love for me, it think it would be her. Cupid roams older
through the years, skewed his aim at my heart, but the bastard was no fool, for it comes alive
only for her. The ache beats a thousand colors trembling through my fingertips.
And yet I am still scared to tell her this.
I am damned and blessed to keep her at a distance, she is my ballet and I am her audience, never
breaking the fourth wall.
It was past scars that still feel like bleeding wounds, and I would never touch her with bloodied
There are times I fear I will not grow old, but if I die before I wake, she has already taken my
breath away, and she will gladly be the final face, I wish to gaze upon in the world today. Oh I
hope before that time comes, I could tell her these things I find most true, my love, my love, my
love, it will always be the deepest parts of you.