The Symphony of Snow

By Zoe Stephens
They say snow is silent,
but everything has sound.
A snowfall is the sound of covers pulled over your ears, 
a cold sheet blanketing the earth.
They say that white is not a color
But it’s the exact shade of the skin the ground dons when the fall months freeze.
They say snow feels like nothing, 
but my red nose knows snow’s coat only makes you grow colder.
They say snow is silent,
But my boot knows better,
it crackles underfoot like tissue paper
Snow is so quiet, sometimes you forget she’s there
A silent protector, 
cold open arms ready to catch unfortunates tripped by her sister Ice.
Snow listens.
She snatches words from the air, and hordes them beneath her frozen layers 
Like sweets stashed beneath a mattress.
Snow is not blind.
She clings to eyelashes, and falls into hair,
She sees.
She sees all of nature hides behind her.
Embarrassed naked trees drape themselves in luxurious thick coats of snow,
And streets dotted with potholes smooth their bumpy skin
But snow sees what lies beneath, 
even if no one else can.
Though she is never touched in return,
Snow lays upon the Earth, the one who loves her best.
It’s her favorite place to lay down and rest.
Snow wonders why people shy away from her touch
They say she is too cold, 
but how could tenderness freeze a heart?