A Dangerous Delusion

by Bailey Murphy
She believes that she is dreaming
that she’ll awaken to a world no longer crumbling around her
deceiving herself 
living a delusion
morning arrives with a glittering sky
numb to all sensation
she continues the illusion that she is okay
she has always been okay.
fighting a whirlwind of interaction 
a mask, porcelain in nature
devoid of daunting disgrace 
hidden shame
from prying eyes that stalk her 
if they knew
knew what lurked like a menace
hollowing her heart
if only they could see the pain behind her eyes 
supposed windows to the soul
blocking out the cries tearing from her chest
wrenching her insides
eyes that glimmer with a torment
longing for solace
a symphony of silence
no one sees barricaded behind the shield she erected
they are too simple to see  
she is rotting like a corpse 
pain writhing in her chest
little time left to spare
friendship used to be valued