The Problem of Patience

by Coco Wilder
It is something of a clean deal   say   am I  
so used to declarations   I have no other idea
how to form a sentence   inside the particular 
if I could allow it   I’d like to be adored 
here in the chamber   of take down the picture
of your dead mother   and pin me against the wall 
o later day          awakening 
never have I ever   sucked   from the shell-head 
a shrimp brain   nor vanquished the glossy mob
nor summoned an ox   but   oh 
have I ever   utterly obsessed   stretched the balloon 
over an exhaust pipe   made the sprout subject 
to noxious gas           this is the thattest of that 
above all a canal in its infancy 
loves the company   of the trashed wind.