Self-Portraits poses as I Love lower, lunatic Him

for two voices
by Ariana Nadia Nash

a singer 
                 sinner siren 
whose voice shatters                   void shavings                vortex sheets 
the surface of the lake 
                 the surgery of the lamentation
a sword sycophant of ice melted 
                                                       icon member idiot menagerie
when a fighter figment storms south
                                         strand stranglehold
the galactic civilization clairvoyant
in the embers 
                             embryos emergency
                 of a fire flyleaf
white cherry tree blossoms cherub tremor babies blots
carried as a blizzard by the wind 
                                          blood by the wine, blockage, wing
sea glass glimpse globe 
dipped in water wave weather
by soft hands 
            by soil handgun
eager for a transparent moment momentum monastery 
a beautiful mask masochist master 
of my own skin hanging 
                                   skull harbinger
on the wall wallow wanderer
an oversized crow
cruelty crumb