Trees Talk Tall Lives

by Horane Daley


                    I won’t die a tall Tree’s life.

Preserving their carbon, I envy
athletes of the forest, emblem
shields of microbe equilibrium,
gilded threads of fertilizer buried as
offerings, sprouting…


                    Tall trees Live

In compost. Where lays
human maggot decay.
bugs raking their way,
they say,
nutrients tastier than


                    Tall trees protect

The Sun, which desiccates
the veins of algae and fungi
bandwidth of mycelium to supply
augmented afros, Filtering the
gleam. Cascaded


                    Trees talk tall Lives

A flower
into a tree. In contempt, I
Earned, valiantly

yearned, No message
returned from the roots. Do…


                    Not all trees live tall lives

They hear my web?
praying for the mother's thread.
sending chemical feedback,
offerings so I won’t blossom
when I’m dead.


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