by Rachel L. Watson


Murmuration of Starlings:

practiced in conforming,

expert at distorting.          


Convulsing mass, circulating                                               

as the sun once spun

with the dust of its former self.


Hoping the amalgamation of feather

is enough to interlock.


Delaying the day

its gravity is



Murmuration of Starlings

gatherer of thought and prayer

Gatherer of Despair


Romanticizer of pain

to give it a name


November air the buoyancy of wings

stagnant in the pool of wind


The only hope of landing

a crop emptied

at the hands of harvest


As autumn weighs itself,

the body listens for shape.


murmuration of starlings

practiced in conforming

expert at distorting


flocking so futile

it forms to fall apart

language scattered to the wind

as soon as it begins


so far from the nest

it no longer remembers

the purpose of birth


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