Disco Ball Blues

by Molly Fisher


Daphne disco glam dusting
BOY. Pretty boy.

A smile that tickles like a feather boa. Dancing queen,
young and sweet, he’s only 23.

Drunk girl glitter swirl daydream don’t
stop believin! glow-in-the-dark heart thumpthump
thumping to synth-pumping, sexy-70s-hip-swaying
like something booming, blooming,

doomed. This is the remix.

Pretty boy. Cosmic copper cool-guy eyes.
Mad-dash, beer-splashed mouth dances
against a bomb-shell, gogo-belle blondie hottie.
Gyration flirtation stung by the sensation of
Saturday night fever fizzing my
glitter red blood.

He is a dreamer, let us
leave him.


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