Siege on No-Man's Land

by Katherine Orfinger


Victim Town

My God–
–did you wrong–let him–
bear all the consequences–let
all things unholy–ravage him–
let your open mouth–be–
a loaded gun–tell him–
how you longed–to part
his lips


Town of the False Poetess

–you were right–
the whole time–
but you didn’t have to
–be– so smug about it–
queen of the crime scene–spend
–a romantic night–
in a padded room–don’t
the pen is mightier 
than this whore–no–
matter where she hides
–her dagger 


Survivor Town

i tried
–deadly want–inverted me– i want 
wanted–does it–doesn’t
–body clock–body talk–
this place is dangerous–
–enough. you can put your weapons down


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