Wish List After Using a 3D Printer

by Terry Belew


Please print our slices of pizza
            so we don’t have to go outside
or greet the delivery driver.
                        Print a mask to hide

our face from ourselves
            and one another. Print
a Glock .40 in case someone
                        comes through the open window.

Print a tangible god
            to provide an escape
from the constant terror
                        of becoming nothing.

Print a bronze statue
            to topple at a protest/riot,
the noun chosen
                        by the news network

we believe most. Print us
            a pint of bourbon
because every Monday
                        we say goodbye

and hello and goodbye.
              Print us a new
friend               or spouse        or child
                        because we are surprised


to feel alone in a place
            so filled. Print now a new shield
because if we are gunpowder
                        that makes god raw brass.



This poem originally appeared in West Trade Review.

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