by Asha Futterman


my favorite place
          was destroyed by barack obama
he’s building a library
          in my neighborhood in the grass
where i liked to sit
          and watch my dogs play
i would have protested
          but the grass didn’t have a name
it was in the shape of a circle
          though so i called it the circle garden
now it’s called the obama center
          they always need to give a field
a body and a face
          so they can empathize with it
don’t you think that’s dangerous
          don’t you think it’s dangerous
to be naked where someone could see you
          i ask arman while he pees in the woods
arman says maybe
          communities should be three hundred people
we can give three hundred people
          a name and an argument
so if we don’t want anyone
          in our community to be disposable
we should live in a place that small
          but i like chicago
i want a neighborhood with everything
          the construction crew found a noose
on the site of the obama center
          i google image searched
and someone took a photo
          that zooms in on an almost clear plastic bag
with a noose in it
          the construction company is black-owned
and offered $100,000 to anyone
          with information about the incident
there are some things
          we will never understand about each other
i would never let the trees see my body
          i tell arman
it might give them pleasure


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