The Time I Won the Local Youth

(7-13) Poetry Competition

by Grace Pinkstone


she writes poems she wrote poems she


saves the receipt and takes the photos before she’s had her breakfast she

naps from six to seven and washes her face with snail she

eats pasta made from beans wishes her face with kale she puts on blush when she learns the cause of death she

told me not to tell anyone she can’t remember if she locked the door she

almost told the joke but thought better of it


she wrote poems she’s written them she


asks if you can open the bottle for her and when you’re not home she

doesn’t drink any coke she walks she checks the car windows for someone behind her she

only fixes the comforter she sleeps with the window open when someone’s beside her she

forgot her password she cried when the front camera told her i don’t know that face she

doesn’t look like the girl i used to know


she swears she wrote poems she has them around here somewhere she


got older got so old she learned that every man wants them sixteen to twenty-four she’s

certain she’s having a heart attack no she’s sure this time she wants her mother to boil her tea she

said that? she isn’t so sure she wants to have kids she lets the microwave chime more than once she

she’s grating she’s brunette she’s a bag of sand she’s bloody she’s forgotten the words to an instrumental she

can’t stop talking about that time she won the stupid poetry contest she

can’t throw out the receipt because it’s old enough to be special now she


writes poems wrote poems read poems blue poems green poems one poem two poems three poems


she won a contest once, when she was twelve, did you know?


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