Black Girl Horrified By Sight

by Aaliyah C. Daniels


My God look at what they have done
and yet water runs off they hands clean,
they stick they fingers in holiness,
call themselves sanctified and blessed
as one of them goes hunting for us
again and yet we are beast and prey

as a woman with my eyes drains out
in a bed, seeping mahogany
into sheets, drenching the carpet
soaking the comforter in her home.

A man with her eyes is kneeled on
for 389 seconds on tape
and the world watched him die,
parroting us         say “they’re killing them”

And yet I am beast, villain
predator for white children whose
mothers gather them away from me
and whose father gulp my womb empty

God look you have made me a feast
for your greediest children to snack on,
and still, I bring my body to you.


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