The Wilds of The Unknown

by Taleigh E. Reed



There is time…
time for growth,
time for rest, and
time for letting go.

Letting go…
Letting go is something
that she never thought
would be challenging, but as
the door becomes closer to her
hand’s reach, she begins to feel

Her hands begin to sweat.
Her breath becomes labored.
Her legs become heavy.
Her mind is racing, and
all of a sudden, she stops.
She never thought that letting
go would be so hard until she
remembered the fear, the
worry, the confusion: the wilds
of the unknown.

The unknown…
The feeling of being in the water
when your feet no longer touch.
The feeling of being stuck in the
valley when the weight of it all
seems too much. The feeling of
being at the bottom of the
mountain when the top cannot
be seen. And the feeling when
the darkness makes it impossible to see.

As she ponders on whether or not to touch
the doorknob, she remembers that if God
has allowed her to let go, the wilds of
the unknown will not break her. Even
here, in this new season, she is learning
to trust as she lets go.

So she will trust in these waters when her feet no longer touch.
She will trust in this valley when the weight of things seems
too much. She will trust at the bottom of this mountain when
the top is not seen. She will trust even when the darkness makes
it hard to see.

She stands there, remembering
that sometimes trusting is all you can do.
Trusting does not always come with an
itinerary. Trusting does not always come from
a whim either. Sometimes trusting
is knowing that it does not matter how wild
the unknown may become, but all that matters
is somehow, by the grace of God, she will
get there.

So she opened the door.



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