by Vivian Sun

bok choy, when cut,
is stiff. First, thwack
the stalk: rhythmic,
almost therapeutic. 

Then scrub dirt
off stems. It’s easier
to fit more in a bowl
if baby’s not whole. 

Don’t scrub too hard
or the cellulose walls
will break. Peeled baby
bok choy is unhappy. 

Crush garlic with stainless
steel; dice like mincemeat.
Smother baby with a clang:
out of the fire, into the pan. 

Baby is finicky and won’t
cook until five minutes pass.
Salt is hypertonic: bring on
the waterworks, no yawns. 

Cover but don’t leave
for too long. Serve
and eat. Baby’s hungry
and bok choy’s ready.


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