Wild Flower

by McKenzie Deshazer


As the carefree wildflower that you are 
You taught me to care
 As a beautiful locked box
 You taught me to share
Share my emotions and learn to empty 
them into the abyss
 With eyes that twinkle you closed mine
 to the chaos of this thing called life
 With a keen smile
 You pierced my heart like no other
 The energy you have was sprinkled into the dullness of my charred soul 
The pieces of your words 
Made me feel whole
 We’re alike, but so different 
Your imperfections are what make you the closest thing to perfect 
You’re always enough 
Enough of a friend
 Enough of a woman 
Enough of all that you’ll ever be 
A thank you would never suffice 
For the light that you brought me
 Plant your mind deep into the ground and 
Never let your spirit spoil
 Allow your heart to nourish the soil
 Search and find your flow
 And as the carefree wildflower that you are
 Continue to grow


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