Elegy of Cat 1 and 2: Stubby Girl, Baby Boy

by Madison "Mole" Hart





Stubby girl little miss I miss you so. So little I remember 

of you but cold nose labored breath from your early mouth

and scent left unidentifiable. So we toss you up and down

in the name of your own little body tell us what's wrong I don’t 

want you to die. You sleep in heavy cloth again to toss so

I cry before warning and we all cry except for Dad who said 

don’t rub your eyes we don’t know what it is but 

I’d bear your disease if it meant our togetherness




It’s difficult to understand why a person does things, but even

harder is it to understand a cat. You who was loved and lovingly

plump, you who left what fed you through that mouth

bigger than the one in your ear. 


And yes I guess I am guilty too. Only crying for you two

months after having wondered and soon having knew. Of

selfishness or maybe self-sooth-ness 

I hoped this hope for my own sake. 


I’m tortured by the thought of your gray coat of occasional white

and bite from travel. Dad really loved you. I dream of your togetherness


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