by Marina Jinghang Chen



are they lost in the sheets from a tumultuous rest

are they fallen out the shut glass

are they trapped in the tv playing psychedelic sleeping beauty on static repeat

are they starring in bird films

are they waiting in my bra shoes socks lipids

are they in ohio leeching corn soil growing two cup sizes and green

are they in atlantis

are they beneath the underwater tomb

are they dripping leering at men out of a sea of coke foam american venus

are they hooded fisting the yakuza

are they fighting my human right to get used to driving on the wrong side

are they only drinking coffee for breakfast hooded lids moonstone eye

are they sewn into the pockets of a flank steak ass

are they wandering the red midwest chimneys unlost

are they buying me a harley

are they white wall waiting until the last minute

are they finding their soprano voice again

are they getting stallions pregnant

are they beneath open commercially refrigerated sky learning the tattoo art

are they letting snow peaks make them feel small

are they clinging to the deep sea bellies of tankers

are they dyeing the waves grey

are they alternatively in the mediterranean

are they shooting naked into the mouth of a golden grilled shark

are they the sharks themselves wearing baseball caps

are they at cheerleader auditions hoping lonesome sells

are they in alpine TX

are they stealing the limelight at a sixty-seventh birthday party

are they glinting beneath glinting iridescent falls glinting

are they somewhere between noon and one-o-clock sweat knocking

are they locked levis and skin but worse empty space

are they shutting a slick black trunk on my worst enemies on a red-glow road

are they buying me a tesla

are they breaking up breaking my peace

are they eating my heart with steak sauce to make my chest cavity more spacious

are they setting my alarm clock then crawling into my pillow

are they fucking up US bluetooth no more ac/dc

are they in the mirror playing sharpie surgeon

are they tucked into the bust of my future fifties wedding dress

are they losing their virginity to the spotify eighties hard rock album

are they at the cinema switching each pixel to monochrome

are they in alice who’s in wonderland swimming through her veins

are they putting hammer to marble

are they the mermaids in my dead flower lagoon

are they in vegas

are they stealing my routines oh amateur night at the strip club

are they in the rhine

are they long hair long nipples streaming in the motherfuckin rhine

are they sipping visas from seltzer seas

are they tinkerbell in a cologne bottle on one crumb a day

are they strobe lighting candy canes

are they mercury flambé

are they crossing the river that great silver road of bodies the styx




This poem is a selection from Chen's suite of poems Dreams About Blood.

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