Basset-Sagged Beast

by Agnes Hanying Ong


  If / I were / asked whose water is it, always breaking out a  prison hemlock of washer unsaddled / all / I know is to keep knotting, knotting  grain to cockle / wheat or bone the knickknack / paddywhack right in a species  both bod n’ blood that sumac poison ivy family of Mangifera “Just Unmoored”  parasocialize at tea / tag tinkling like twin / mosquitoes-raw / fontanelle grand-  mother gardens cherry orchard / newly wet with the joy / of picking: up a blade  turbine / rotor or rotary like ladylike stain like Lourdes every single, or seeking  skein / of silken grass still beads nimbi O even every squirm is sacred too, says  the magi in the magic black box / So teach a bone how to dock lastingly at last.  Harder now / less soft for a dog to last just unmoored since I have followed the  night with the wind, the wind has come back for mon amour we shake it / shag  it, shake it all off, like disco balls in stipple cinema-loud making an ancestry to  trout-spit that swims, through many a letdown, lock. Lady / of soirées pets rust  belt of chastity what / letdown tits, what letdown cuppa, tulips, closing, around  whatever it is / that is bulbus glandis. Who knows how? Grandmother, a rough  duck cloth in / theory descended sugar-and-pepper rough to turret typewriter o'  all things wrung / with zoom looming a fallen sun / Once upon a wall although  ze pulls a rope, up with rage against toothy rage o’ God quite irate / Hir opened  leap of faith, like the pagan spills / theirs over roger roach rage that supposedly  kairos hole in hir belly like another world’s subzero wind whispering: Adderall,  Adderall, O Adderall! Into every wed and dirty ear of acedia at noon, as always  for insertion of tick / its hairy chin as a long but leased reincarnated kind cactus  desiring only to give / free hugs to the acid rain here, to the lark, clerk of a sour  there / to the other stati virginally, vacated. Into the closet my sinewy water fills  the scheme of kindness and into the glory, blue / flares porous / goddess o' Pele.  All they


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