Cosmic Clockwork

by Matthew Green


Twisting, turning,
Ever churning,
Always burning.
Life goes on.

Blinding light
Breaks the night,
Makes all things bright.
Life goes on.

Lights our days
With its rays.
Meets our gaze.
Life goes on.

We take it all for granted.
Live every day enchanted.
Every tree was planted.
Life goes on.

A cog in time.
Pieces shift in line
With a grand design.
Life goes on.

The spring unwinds.
The clock reminds
That all will find
Life goes on.

Moons around planets,
Planets around stars,
Stars around their galaxy’s centers,
Life goes on.

Mistakes fall away
As June erases May
And night falls into day.
Life goes on.

With breaking dawn,
The curtain’s drawn.
Life goes on,
The past is gone.


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