New Memory #1

by Sean Cho A.


For a long time it was cold. a perfect environment 
for polar bears. the polar bears thrived. ate the seals 
injured the polar bears wrote the laws and texts 
and chose which ones were “worth keeping”. today 
it is warm and there are many star fruits growing. 
yet the sun bear is still perceived as a weaker bear 
not because of their small bodies or lack of applicable 
skills. in the trees young sun bears are learning bear history.
their books’ are water damaged from snow


the sun bears at the university too. there are many sun bears right now 
in lecture halls listening to lectures about sun bear theory. some sun bears 
will go to school for a long time then write their own sun bear theory. 
others will graduate and subconsciously take this acquired knowledge 
into the workplace. thankful they need to put more seats in the lecture hall. 


This poem first appeared in Tupelo Quarterly's 24th issue. 

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