Anti / Violent 

by Makenna Sutter-Robinson


I am anti violence   but I punched the dashboard 
Of the car       on Friday 
But it’s Tuesday       and I am anti violence 
My boyfriend is training to fight in Afghanistan    but he is anti 
Violence too.      Once I broke my nail 
Straight in two        down the middle a clean 
Sever       His mom once slapped him 
Too tight of a shirt       Someone could think he’s gay 
She said it isn’t violence         If she only uses her hands
These small hands?          Can you not take these small hands?
I’ve only ever used         a shotgun on clay pigeons 
In the fourth grade my         hands were small but not 
Too small to hold a shotgun      and shoot 
But the smallness          and the gun 
Didn’t choose                      to be this small
To be this gun        
Once I fought            a man in my head
Took his eyes straight out      it wasn’t even bloody 
My mom reminded me        I’m anti violence 
When I told her                about the dream
My boyfriend said        she’s right you’re anti
Violence     But I kept the man’s eyes 

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