(for Sadie Ann) 

by Jordan Taliha McDonald


memory is a pocketbook

filled with receipts

and no money



strawberry candies

turned hard with time

sweet without expiration



memory loss sounds like coins rattling

currency shuffling at the floor of a leather abyss

the leftovers of past transactions



yesterday is stuck in the lining of your purse

and life is filled with reminders,

history taunts you like school children do



and yet,

you are far too grown

to be teased

like this



everyone thinks you have forgotten yourself

that you left behind names and addresses

that you lost your grip on reality



they think you walked into a busy street

in search of time

but you are not on a quest for recovery



coherence is a place you no longer call home

instead, you recall love and loss and rage

all at once



you withdraw from accounts long overdrawn

you remember all the missed deposits

and disavow all debts

you need no report to know

you have been robbed



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