City Girl

               after Lucie Brock-Broido

by Faith L. Smith

Towns pass pretty girls you wish
you’d love more, expanding their arms soft
against the wind—Tamia, Marie, Faith
dark-haired beauties who close their eyes
like girls do when their dreams start to persist.

In Gary, Indiana, summer will happen
easily. The first muggy night lingers on
the brink of sunset, drops
down to the dark sky, settles
with the moon above the outhouse.

You met a woman here once
in the days when love came back
& the hearts of the body bloomed with innocence.
Everyone loved it for a little while.

She danced for you here
one cold morning in February, wrapped her warm lips
around your cheek, sang passionately to you.
She said, I found myself in this song.

Love walked in with women differently back then.
It wasn’t at all forgotten.

All the way from here to paradise, her rhythm,
against your body carries your spirit, rises
like an angel from heaven, white & pure on the road.

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