Mid-Summer Moonrises

by Layla A. Williams

We spend our days chasing sunsets

Catching hearts like minnows in old fishnets

Footprints of earlier days fade under lilac skies

Until crashing waves swallow them at moonrise

When the sky’s luminous freckles begin to shine

Their dazzling, pupils open wide—and so do mine

It’s then the Atlantic beckons a soft, salty breeze

We bike towards it ‘til it aches our scabbed knees

Ray-ban sunglasses rest on constellated faces

Sand finds its way between untangled laces

Converses pedal down the seaside streets

Undulating waves wait for us to meet

Clammy palms grip rusted bicycle handles

The air smells of Fresh Breeze Yankee candles

But our summer days are now wearing thin

Sun rays no longer bronze our young skin

Clear days of Oreo shakes and cream sodas

Unfortunately nearing their codas


Still we ride down to the boat docks

Hearts without any keys or locks

Stretched arms spinning

Sparkly lips grinning

Not thinking

Just living

For we are now

And now is here

At moonrise

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