Double Sonnet, Suspended

by Mariah Bosch

We wake in a timeless space and rain lights
The room. Neither of us knows who began
The rediscovery of our bodies
As we come into our waking. Here, we’ve
Woken into the same dream. Can’t hear the
Rain but know it - can’t see your face but know
The perennial of this room, the small
Of my hand against sternum to confirm
Its beat in this tenuous real. I build
My thoughts beyond this room and now they all
Cycle to you. Oh, how I think of what 
Could happen before these bulbs light: see a
Knife to my neck or faceless trouble
Behind the couch. See I wear two faces
from my ears to ask you to look between
them & at my own. How my body works
To empty in sleep and forgets itself
Overnight. How you do not forget me
Overnight. The windows are clear but we
Don’t look out. I dreamt about you while next
To you, the confession comes days later –
To create a world together, it takes
Seven consecutive REM cycles, twelve
Interrupted. Share these illusions. Build
Ecliptic scenes we can’t confront wide eyed.
Send me your wavelengths, your desired life:
If you ask what I remember, I will
Know you are incapable of witness.

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