To the Lord God, the Good Savior, the Giver of Life

by Caleb Jones

Psalm 1
God is listening to us.
A blessing of such sweet myrrh.
I want forgiveness, I must.
Why would I leave his shelter?

 Like sand in my bed sheets,
 the question makes me itch.
 I am the one who speaks.
 I choose the gods I wish.

Psalm 2
I sing hymns and rhymes for God.
For you appreciate art.
I give you thanks and applaud.
your ever-gracious pure heart.

 Never mind dead children
 or frozen street beggars.
 The brain-stained butcher men
 with blood-speckled fingers.

Psalm 3
From dust to dust Father said.
Light of Light shining through cracks.
Saint Michael stands on the head
of Satan. Devil door mat.

 The boys in the island
 know what God’s hands smell like.
 Beelzebub came and
 put the smell on a pike.

Psalm 4
Dear God

 Dear God

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