Honey & Milk

by Tianna Gonzalez

Inspired by a drawing in Kara Walker's MCMXCIX

People have seen the white man like a gravedigger shoveling deep

into his field pushing aside dirt and crops just to find nothing valuable under where

are the bones he says whose marrow is honey

thick and sweet from bee stings that showed her hard work on the field

when her DNA helixes became honeycombs

her skin the darkest shade of honey in one of its hexagons

he watched her smell the sunflowers all day he loved her passiveness she

poured poured poured her honey jar dry for master

he would be on his knees hands up in the air begging for more

while the color was being drained from the left side of her face

still he made her do hard work still she was submissive

until she died on this field and left the grass sticky

to remember her touch there will be no one else like her no one else

every day he forgets where he buried her limbs that

he axed like branches on a tree

to hide his shame of his love

no one could know her belly was growing a beehive

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