2nd Best

by Tasia Hernandez

“Excuse me miss, but I jus had to know … what are you?”
“Ohh … you’re half Puerto Rican and Black; well that explains that exotic look”
Nice enough to look at
But …
Not light enough
Not white enough
Not quite enough
To even be considered a 1st thought
A 1st  choice? 
The black and Hispanic guys go for the white girls
And the white girls go for the black, Hispanic and white guys
The white guys go for the white girls
But where does that leave us black females
A second best …
You’re loud
You stand up for what you believe in
You don’t cave in
But who wants a woman or better yet a black woman like that
They love to look at those curves
Salivate over that body
Entertain you just enough to get what they want
Until they don’t
Then you’re not a 1st  choice anymore
Nothing, but a backup plan
There for when things go left
A last resort
A second best …
They want me loose
They want me quiet
They only want me behind closed doors
They can’t be seen with me in public
They can’t have girls thinking that they are taken
Everything gotta be on the down low
Second best …
“Nah I would never ghost you …”
17 messages left on read later
10 different posts later
Having time to post but can’t answer a single text
Left as an afterthought
Not relevant
Second best …
“You’re a cool person”
“I fucks with you”
“You chill, I like that” 
“I love black and hispanic girls, you’re top of my list”

I’m too cool to be just a pretty sight for the eyes
I’m too chill to be just a woman with thick thighs and a fat ass
A second best …

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